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Poetry on Paper

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My Latest Collection


A humble beginning of my illustrations, which are being developed to a meaningful project in and for our little island... Coming soon!


When the sea is no more...

Creation Awaits

Welcome to
Balay-Dilaw Art Studio

After 8 years of living in Paris, France, I am now back to my beloved  homeland for a new creative adventure! Balay-Dilaw art studio is located in the beautiful island of Bohol, Philippines in Poblacion Baclayon. It is a creative space that also pairs as an Airbnb. It has been welcoming the NATIONS! Come and visit:  BALAY-DILAW ART STUDIO & AIRBNB


Bonjour. Hello.

I am Luwalhati.

Luwalhati headshot by Claire Agopian Diebold copy.jpg
Mon cantique (My Song) detail

Interested in owning these artworks of "ink on sculptured paper"?

It can either be one that is still available or a recreation of an already sold painting. Please enter your information and any inquiry. Prices of original artworks are sent per request.

Thanks for submitting!

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