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Thin Places Collection


A collection that was launched simply… but still being built up for its creative journey.

Ink on cut paper mounted on antique wood. The paper and wood are both varnish finished for protection.

I had the privilege of spending several retreats in the snow capped mountains 🏔 I like waking up in the cold early morning to witness its magnificent sunrise. I hiked for a day or even 5 days to experience its rhythm, textures and sounds! Above all it is a time to worship YHWH and meditate on his Logos… to breath in and out and to use all senses without the pollution of the modern world, and taking time to give thanks for being fully alive! Also to surrender questions and if possible to get understanding of things that are still unclear. Retreats on the iced mountains allowed me to enter into thin places - a resting place where the veil between my daily earth and the spiritual realm becomes thin. I enter into colors and lights that move uniquely in the high elevation, both in its greens and its ice crystals. The artworks from this new collection is inspired by my thin places!

Time works differently in thin places. It is a time that is timeless, where chronos doesn't matter. Of course, one does not need to go to the mountains to enter thin places but as for me that means pursuing kairos moments.

From time to time we go to THIN PLACES for our hearts true longing are not of this world.

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Thin Places Collection

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