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Yoder Family Philippines

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TRANSITION [noun] the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.


We are all in transition. It never ends because change is constant. But we do vary in the level of transition base on how big or small the decision-making is.

As for Sam, Samuel. Isaac and Savannah, they decided to leave their home in Iowa to finally be united with me. It was a big challenging crazy preparation of organizing, selling or keeping some of their possessions. Added to that is designing the Riverside house in order to be placed in different online marketplaces for short-term homestays. Above all, connecting and saying "goodbyes" to the people they love.

I on their other hand left Paris, France where I served as a missionary artist for 8 years through the ministry of Agapé Art. It was also a big move of giving, selling or keeping the little yet important things that I had acquired in this adopted city. I also made a closure to my workmates, friends and ministry partners.

It has been 6 months of transitioning as a family with much joys and many challenges. We are now part of a church family where Sam is on a preaching cycle, I sing for worship service and shares in the young adults and women's ministry while Samuel, Isaac and Savannah also serve with their singing contribution.


Double click on photos to enlarge and to see captions.


Double click on photos to enlarge and to see captions.


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We try to reach out to different people in our day to day life. One family that is very consistent in our schedule is working in a vegetable and fruit stand where we regularly buy from. Sam had some spiritual discussions with them that led for an opportunity to sit down for a deeper study of the Bible. Please pray that the truth would pierce their hearts and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

Grace and Peter are part of the artist group that Lu met when she 1st arrived in Bohol. They face a challenging situation as a couple and family but continue to be joyful and hopeful. Please continue to pray as we reach out to them. They are very open to Jesus and his word. Let us pray that they will not simply accept any religious discussions but truly understand the follow the truth.

Pedro Angcao Jr. is an eco artist that has inspired us as a family. He taught us his creative advocate for cleaner seas through colorful artwork fashioned from collected tsinelas thrown in our waters. We have gathered some of these flip-flops polluting our beaches or streets transforming them to mosaic of colors and texture. Samuel gave his Bible to him after the art workshop he facilitated for the kids. We were also able to spend time with him and help provide some needs that he has. We pray for opportunities to continue reaching out and blessing this dear artist friend.

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We had opportunities to meet different couples in our region. It is inevitable that we also meet another intercultural couple like Ruth and Chris. We recently had dinner with them and they also came to our church service last Sunday where Sam was preaching. Please pray as we reach out to them and other couples whom we had the opportunity to know of their stories and share ours too.

Thank you for your depth of unconditional love and support. We have truly been blessed by you!

May God repay you richly.

Sincerely yours,
the Yoder Family

Sam, Lu, Samuel, Isaac & Savannah

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