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The Artist

Elle-sera-rendue-libre-1_ClaireAD_05 copy.jpg
Filipina artist asian parisian

Luwalhati's paintings interpret and capture the patterns, colors and play of light that nature brings, from the coral reefs of the 7,641 islands of the Philippines to the beautiful snow-covered French Alps, which leads her to see and tell stories of another world that she imagines and longs for. She wants to integrate her background and influence as an interior designer with her passion for fine arts.


Her intuition, observations and studies led her to create her series of semi-abstract and abstract paintings with layers of colors and textures through her personal technique of ink on sculptured paper. This is one aspect of her repertoire but she also creates playful illustrations of fantasy and reality.


Luwalhati recently came back to the Philippines after 8 years of living and working in Paris, France as a missionary artist. Life is now fuller and busier since the artist married the poet. And this particular poet has 3 darling children who lost their previous mom to cancer. So, they are now settled in the beautiful island of Bohol where you can also visit her humble studio that will soon pair as an airbnb.

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