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Coral Pathways

ink on sculptured paper and wood, 13"x70"

Photographed by Derrick Lim

Please contact Fuse Projects at +639173582164 to view/purchase the Coral Pathways.

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My hunger for wonder is fed by the created world. It offers many of the magnificent meditations that I can enter into. The created world can accompany us with life’s many inevitable sufferings. In one of the wisdom books of the Old Testament, we read about a man named Job who is described as blameless and a man of complete integrity. Even as he is with such character, Job like many others went through suffering. His is exceptionally deep innumerable sufferings and yet he did not sin.


Before the end of his testing, God answered his many questions and groanings not with the dissection on the reason for suffering but rather with questions about the wondrous details of His created world.


After making the Thin Places Collection that is inspired by the mountains of Europe, I now enter the pathways of the Coral Eden… I always wonder on the intricacies and strength of the coral reef. It begins only with a microscopic polyp that grows into a massive and very sturdy ocean architecture where creatures feed and thrive. It is incomparable even to the most modern skyscraper built by man. Using my little spectacles, I already was able to marvel at the coral community from Nice France to Mykonos Greece and now to my beloved Las Islas Filipinas. The patterns, colors and textures are overwhelming that all I can do is dance along the ink, water and scalpel as I interpret the pathways. It is also with so much joy that I can dance along with my husband S. W. Yoder as he also does his through wood carvings.


I get overwhelmed by the demands of life’s path, and I am very glad that I can dance along with my life team. Sometimes it’s in rhythm and sometimes we stepped on each other’s toes, but just like the coral reef it must continue and taken care of for our little created world’s 29% depends on it. Our Coral Pathways go on.

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