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When the sea is no more...

Poems by S. W. Yoder
Handwritten by The Creative Encourager

Creation Awaits

Welcome to
Balay-Dilaw Art Studio

After 8 years of living in Paris, France, I am now back to my beloved  homeland for a new creative adventure! Balay-Dilaw art studio is located in the beautiful island of Bohol, Philippines. There are still some on-going renovations but I look forward in welcoming you soon in this new creative space!

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Bonjour. Hello.

I am Luwalhati.

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Mon cantique (My Song) detail

Interested in owning these artworks of "ink on sculptured paper"?

It can either be one that is still available or a recreation of an already sold painting. Please enter your information and any inquiry. Prices of original artworks are sent per request.

Thanks for submitting!

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